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Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs

The Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) advises the President, Secretary of State, other bureaus in the Department of State, and other departments and agencies within the U.S. Government on the development of policies and programs to combat international narcotics and crime. INL programs support two of the Department's strategic goals: (1) to reduce the entry of illegal drugs into the United States; and (2) to minimize the impact of international crime on the United States and its citizens. The INL demand reduction strategy integrates a broad spectrum of initiatives that include: bilateral training and technical assistance to prevent the onset of use; intervention at "critical decision points" in the lives of vulnerable populations to prevent both first use and further use; improved effective treatment programs for the addicted; broadened education and increase public awareness of the deleterious consequences of drug use/abuse; coalition building to mobilize the international community; and research on the effectiveness of these and other programs. Coalition-building programs involve the development of public and private sector networks of demand reduction organizations to mobilize international opinion against the drug trade and encourage governments to develop and implement strong anti-drug policies and programs. This involves establishing and strengthening existing national, regional, and international networks of public/private organizations involved in treatment and prevention fields. INL funds various bilateral drug and crime control programs with our greatest counternarcotics efforts in Latin America.